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The ‘Countryman’ and the ‘Friend’ in the Vatican

No sooner had I exited from the metro station and stepped on the road to the Vatican, than a squad of youths surrounded me. They were the solicitors from the local travel agencies wanting to persuade me for traveling with them. I think meeting such guys at major tourist sites around Rome is a familiar experience for visitors. Once they see you, they will not only start advertising their travel packages orally or put corresponding pamphlets in your hands but also try to convince you forcibly by stopping you on your way. Most of those folks are Bangladeshi youths while a few of them are Africans and Indians. Already wary of the nuisance of such vendors encountered at different places in Rome, I continued walking indifferently to their talks, and after a while, arrived near the entrance to the Vatican. There, a crowd of hundreds of visitors was gathered. My plan, as fixed by discussing with the seniors, was to return to my ‘one-week-workplace’ La Sapienza Campus in the after…

भ्याटिकनमा 'कन्ट्रीम्यान' र 'फ्रेण्ड'

अानन्द काफ्ले
मेट्रो रेलबाट अोर्लिएर भ्याटिकन सिटी तिर लाग्ने बाटोमा प्रवेश गर्ने बित्तिकै बिभिन्न ट्राभल एजेन्सीका दलालहरूले अाफ्ना अाफ्ना प्याकेजका विज्ञापन लेखिएका पाम्प्लेट हातमा राखिदिने, मुखैले पनि विज्ञापन गर्ने देखि लिएर बाटो छेकी छेकी टुरिष्टहरूलार्इ रिझाउँने प्रयत्न गर्छन् । यस्ता दलालहरूमा अधिकांश बंगलादेशी युवाहरू हुन्छन् भने केही इन्डियन र अफ्रिकनहरू पनि । त्यहाँ जानु भन्दा पहिले नै, रोमका अन्य ठाउँहरूको भ्रमणका क्रममा पनि यस्ता
त्यहाँ त्यत्तिका मान्छेहरू देखेपछि बडो दुबिधा भयो । लाइनमा नलागाैँ, यत्रो समय खर्च गरेर विश्वको सबै भन्दा सानो देश घुम्न भनेर छुट्टि लिएर अाएको त्यसै खेर जाने, अनि लाइन लागाै, दिउँसो त के झमक्क साँझ परून्जेल पनि लाइन छिचाेल्न सकिने संभावना देखिएन ।
दलालहरूबाट हुने दिक्दारी झेलिसकेका ले उनीहरूबाट बच्ने उपायको रूपमा, उनीहरूलार्इ उपेक्षा गर्दै अगाडि बढेँ । भ्याटिकन सिटी भित्र प्रवेश गर्ने गेट छेउमा पुग्दा त्यहाँ सयौँको संख्यामा यात्रुहरूको भीड देखियो । बिहानभरि घुमेर दिउँसो तिर, वा बेलुका सम्म नै भए पनि अाफ्नो एक हप्ते कार्यस्थल, ला सापियन्जा क्याम्पस …

That Long-haired Guy......

It was raining when I exited from the railway station at Kita-Kashiwa. I opened the map on my mobile phone to find the route to my destination, but the map could not display the name of the place in English. 
 I thanked him and stepped on the bus without wasting much time. But, to my surprise, the long-haired guy pulled me back to the road!“It’s only a short distance from the station and you will get to there without much problem.”      While walking ahead, I recalled this suggestion from the person guiding me about the way, the other day. Between two of my fingers was a piece of paper in which the name of the hospital I was visiting was written in Japanese Kanji. Unable to discover a building having a signboard with similar writings, I decided to ask someone. And with a hope of finding a suitable candidate, I scanned the faces of the people walking on the road, struggling against the chilling cold of this rainy winter day.

     It is not wise to ask anyone for a help without antici…