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Forest FormulaANANDA KAFLE Decline in forest areas is increasingly becoming a matter of public concern in Nepal. Commercial logging, conversion of forests into cultivable land and felling trees for construction works are major causes of loss of forests. Following political transformation in 1990, deforestation reached its peak. Apparently, the trees were felled to resettle landless people. However, many wood racketeers took undue advantage of this situation under political protection and started smuggling timbers.

Needless to say, trees are important in maintaining environmental balance. Trees check soil erosion and landslides. They filter water and play major role in maintaining climatic balance and proper rain cycle. Forests are homes to diverse species of plants and animals. The widely focused menaces of carbon dioxide emission and global warming can be mitigated by plants which consume large excess of carbon dioxide and produce higher amounts of oxygen.

But news of seizure of loads…