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A trip to outskirts

On a bright, sunny day in August, this year, we boarded on a small ship capable of carrying 50-55 people, at the seabanks in Tokyo Bay. Our purpose for sailing on this boat was to watch the marine fishes. The ship left the seashore and made its way across the clear, blue waters. In a moderate offing, one of the crew members announced that it was time to watch the fishes. “Travelers on the left, please watch outside the window”, he instructed. We, sitting in a row on seats laid along the windows, followed his instruction and threw our eyes at the fishes. The crew was throwing food for the fishes from the deck of the ship and the fishes gathered near the surface to eat the food. And it was the very time we had to catch them in our sight. After a while, those seated on the right side similarly watch them. They were the same redfish which was displayed on the roof of the hotel managing our sailing, as well as the brochure distributed to us.

 This story is about the annual educational tour …