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That Long-haired Guy......

It was raining when I exited from the railway station at Kita-Kashiwa. I opened the map on my mobile phone to find the route to my destination, but the map could not display the name of the place in English. 
 I thanked him and stepped on the bus without wasting much time. But, to my surprise, the long-haired guy pulled me back to the road!“It’s only a short distance from the station and you will get to there without much problem.”      While walking ahead, I recalled this suggestion from the person guiding me about the way, the other day. Between two of my fingers was a piece of paper in which the name of the hospital I was visiting was written in Japanese Kanji. Unable to discover a building having a signboard with similar writings, I decided to ask someone. And with a hope of finding a suitable candidate, I scanned the faces of the people walking on the road, struggling against the chilling cold of this rainy winter day.

     It is not wise to ask anyone for a help without antici…