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Typical questions asked in Japanese scooter license test

Ananda Kafle©Ananda Kafle: No part of the following content can be copied and reproduced either exactly or with modification, without appropriately crediting the author.

Here I have given 44 of the 48 questions asked in the test for obtaining a scooter license in Japan. I have compiled these questions based on my own memory, and hence, they are not copies of the exact questions asked in the test I attended. I have posted it here hoping that it will be useful for those foreigners wanting to use a 50 cc scooter in Japan. I have not revised the questions for their language quality, so, if there is any problem in understanding them, please put your comments below. Your feedback and comments regarding any of the points given here are warmly welcomed. 
Indicate whether the following statements are true or false.  1.While driving a motorbike we have to wear clothes which loosely cover the whole of the body, so that the body can be moved with ease. 2.A vehicle moving uphill should slow down and …